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A person enjoying a treatment inside “Butterfly” lies down on its inner stuffed desk (previously covered with a disposable sheet); once the operator prepares the customer’s skin with the chosen product (creams, oils, muds and so on), the customer will be wrapped and with the special cloth the machine is equipped with; after starting the automatic program, the desk sinks till the bottom of the tub, so the customer is supported only by the water and by the interface of the above said cloth; in this way the body floats without getting wet, while the missing perception of any support point under the body causes the instinctive abandon of the muscles so a deep psycho-physical relaxation.
The warmth together with the light pressure the water spreads all over the body during the treatment, carries out the important function of opening the skin pores, so the toxins go out and the chosen aesthetic product penetrates fasters and deeper, while some water jets treat different areas of the body.
According to the model, “Butterfly” can actually be equipped with one or more water jets which can be placed under the cervical area, under the lumbar region, around the thighs/gluteus area and along the legs.
“Butterfly” can be used either in the manual mode or in the automatic one:
In the manual mode you can decide to start only the floating function (which is the real origin of the deep relax sensation this machine gives) or to combine it with the water jet you prefer.
In the automatic mode, instead, you can choose the duration of the treatment, which can be 20, 30 or 40 minutes long; during this time the machine will do anything by itself; following the chosen program; the machine will automatically manage the running and the break times as well as the foreseen combination of the colors and of the water jets.
A sequence of lights reminding the rainbow colours is performed during the whole treatment; as an alternative, you can act in the manual mode to stop the lights on a particular colour you prefer; in this way the machine also offers the chance to benefit from the psycho-emotional effects the colours can have on our attitudes, including the relax sensation.

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