The ``kembiki`` massage table with water movement

The “Kembiki” massage table is a professional table where being massaged becomes not only a pleasure, but also a moment of absolute relaxation.

A cosy flat surface covered by a soft air mattress where, inside of it, there is a permanent water movement, which displays this type of massage as a unique experience. All of it surrounded by a frame of chromatic lights that seem entering the water.

This mechanism allows to do every kind of massage without creating body’s changes of position and always keeping the pleasant sensation of being cradling by hot, previously set-up water.

Thanks to the hot water re-circle inside the air mattress, the table is always ready, in orders to do a pleasant massage in every moment.

The white lights placed under the shelf reflect themselves on the floor, bringing an additional touch of warmth to the rooms and enhancing the relaxing atmosphere.

The easy control panel sets at the top of the table, permits realising and changing some of the functions: from the chromatic lights with the choice of the wanted colour, the temperature, the switching off of the pumps that involves the return of the water inside the tank and the maintenance of the warmth and favouring the energy-saving, to the final put in standby, thus leaving on the water heater only.

Thanks to the useful and spacious shelf in the lower area of the table, the operator can replace all his equipment that will be always at his fingertips (towels and hand towels, ointments, unguents, ecc.)

KEMBIKI - Technical features
- Steel structure varnished with powders

- The structure ‘s covering is in ash wood with wenge shade.

- A pump for the slight movement of water

- Maximum energetic consumption up to 1200w with absorption of 6A

- Grounded lighting made up of white led lights

- Upper adjustable lighting composed of RGB led lights

- Measurements: CM 215 x 86 x 79 H

- Loosely weight: 105 KG

- In use weight: around 260 KG

- Electricity supply: monophase – 230 V – 50/60 HZ

- Compliance Certificate

- CE certification


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